Haters Gonna Hate

By Bill Maher

There's a new push by the right to paint the Obamas as President Nero and his wife Marie Antoinette. It cropped up most recently after the White House Correspondent's Dinner: How could they, especially now, when we're overtaxed and the government is supposed to be cutting back, be having dinner! Don't they know we're in the middle of a series of (politically manufactured) economic crises?!

This particular "outrage" doesn't even make sense, really, because there's nothing especially opulent about renting a ballroom in the Hilton and having your trade association's annual banquet. But the criticism has to be leveled, because the formula is now always "How could Obama be doing x while the country is in such dire straits?" Where x equals every single thing Obama does -- eating, traveling, seeing shows or sporting events, entertaining dignitaries -- really anything that doesn't involve sitting behind his desk in the oval office and signing documents by candlelight.