Plot Point

By Bill Maher

Rand Paul wrote a fundraising letter to his "fellow patriots" calling President Obama and "his anti-gun pals" "anti-American globalists [who] plot against our Constitution." The same day this statement came out, Politico wrote, "Put simply, if you designed a candidate in a lab to match up with the early GOP primary states, it would probably look a lot like Rand Paul." Even The New York Times has called him "a rising star."

Rand Paul can say whatever crazy shit he wants to become more popular with the Republican base. But when he says the president is "plotting" against other Americans, it's up to the rest of the civilized world to dismiss him as a dangerous kook.

And he's just one cog in the crazy machine. Last week, House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare for the 37th time. In the Senate, Republicans are blocking Obama's nominees to head the EPA and the Department of Labor, and have prevented -- for years -- anybody from being named to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The most important appellate court in the United States, the D.C. Circuit court (which is like the Supreme Court's mini-me because it rules on so many federal issues), has had four vacancies forever. In fact, John Roberts sat on this court before being appointed to the Supreme Court in 2005, and his seat is still vacant because Republicans won't put somebody there who changes the balance of power.

At what point does obstruction become treason? Isn't that a reasonable question now, especially with Obamacare? It's the law of the land, affirmed by the Supreme Court, but Republicans are still trying to defund it and screw it up any way they can.

Aren't they "plotting" against their country?