The Vagina Demagogues

By Bill Maher

Idaho's professional standards commission is investigating a high school teacher named Tim McDaniel for using the word "vagina" in class -- in what's being called "the sexiest algebra lesson ever." No, he's a science teacher who was teaching human reproduction out of the textbook, but parents took exception to him using the v-word instead of the more appropriate pointing to his crotch and whispering, "Down there."

The parents are also upset that McDaniel discussed the so-called "female orgasm" and openly talked about climate change -- two topics that they said, "still need more study."

After all, these are young, impressionable minds and a science class is no place for factual information.

So, what's going on in Dietrich, Idaho? It turns out the town is in a deeply religious county where two out of every three churchgoers is a Mormon. And, as we all know, there are three topics Mormons feel should never, ever be discussed: vaginas, climate change and your back taxes.

In an interview with the local paper, McDaniel sounds almost apologetic for showing the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" in class and asking his students to write a paper about it. He said, "I'm not looking for one answer, I just want them to be able to explain what they believe."

No! It's science. It's not supposed to be about what you believe. It's supposed to be about the facts

Good news though: the school district's superintendent says potty mouth McDaniel will most likely not be fired for presenting facts in science class -- he'll probably just receive a letter of reprimand. "Shape down or ship out!"

It makes me wonder why we're getting so upset about Glenn Beck's plans to build a conservative utopia where God is welcome, but Ann Taylor stores are not. Clearly these places already exist.