Assume Your Positions

By Bill Maher

Kermit Gosnell is a "doctor" who ran the worst abortion clinic you've ever heard of. If pro-life people could design their worst nightmare of how abortions are being provided, this would be it. Because Kermit is not a doctor. He's a con artist crossed with a villain in a Saw movie crossed with a really unsanitary college roommate. And he's now on trial for basically running a baby-killing operation masquerading as a women's health care clinic.

This case is the right's new cause, and you're going to hear about it. It's going to be at least a chapter in the next Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin/Glenn Beck/Mark Levin/Dick Morris/Sean Hannity book. It also works for them politically, because in their mind it makes Americans face up to the reality of abortion. But even more so they're using it to make a point about liberal media bias, as in, "How come this trial didn't receive any national media attention?"

And that's the big (and tired) scandal they're pushing. Problem is, there weren't too many conservative media outlets pushing it either, at least until recently, so their case isn't as strong as they think it is.

But more importantly, this story has already gotten boring because it's yet another example of both sides instantly returning to their sides, grabbing their talking points, and hammering away. If you're on the right, it's "Liberal media, blah, blah." And if you're on the left, it's "This is what abortion would look like if you pro-lifers ban abortion! So stop erecting barriers to safe and legal abortion and this kind of thing won't happen."

It makes you wonder why we even bother with this charade. Nobody changes their mind on an issue because of a news event. They simply find the reason why the news event confirms what they already think. 

Me? I'm kind of appalled by this, and that it could happen in this country. Abortion doctors in Tijuana would look at this guy's operation and scream, "Aye dios mio!" Sometimes you don't automatically have to cram it back into your worldview, and try to use it to make a point. Sometimes you just have to cram people like Kermit into a cell.