Government Issues

By Bill Maher

Monday was Tax Day. Do you know anyone who did their own taxes?

I don't know anyone who would even think about wading into their taxes without some sort of professional help. And, after the psychiatrist, you might even hire an accountant. At the very least, you bought a computer program to walk you through it. Because it's not enough that you're dumping 30% of your salary to the government. You can't even figure out how to do it.

But Mitt Romney's accountants sure can. And that's why he pays less than you.

But set aside the rates for now. Isn't there something to be said for just making dealing with the government easier? We don't have many interactions with our government, but they all suck: taxes, the DMV, getting health care from the VA. And don't even get me started on those parking meter Nazis driving around in their little buggies -- in a place where it costs 25 cents to park, but if you go over by a minute somehow the rate for parking jumps to $64. Welcome to California!

This seems like easy pickings for a politician: "I'm going to make your life less annoying." But why does it never happen? Because all of those perks in the tax code have defenders and lobbies, as does the tax preparer industry. And money talks.