Guest List

The Interview:

Charlie LeDuff is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the author of Detroit: An American Autopsy. He recently appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air and has been reporting on the corruption trial of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and it’s implications for the future of Detroit.

Twitter: @Charlieleduff

The Panel:

Arianna Huffington is the chair, president and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media Group. She posted this week about the success of “The JobRaising Challenge,” a partnership designed to “empower game-changing organizations that are making a positive impact when it comes to job creation.” The Huffington Post is also launching a retrospective on the Iraq War to commemorate the 10th year of “one of the biggest disasters in the history of the United States.”

Twitter: @ariannahuff

Avik Roy is a contributor to and the National Review Online, as well as a former health care advisor to the Romney campaign. This week, he outlined a development that “has the potential to completely reshape the landmark 2010 health-care law, in a way that provides higher-quality, but more expensive, private insurance to the poor.”

Twitter: @aviksaroy

Michael Steele is the co–founder of Purple Nation Solutions, a “bipartisan, global, one-stop show where law, media and politics intersect.” Steele is also a regular contributor to MSNBC and served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2009-2011. He recently appeared on Hardball to discuss the possibility of Jeb Bush running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Twitter: @Steele_Michael

Comedian and actor David Cross will join the panel mid-show. He will also be appearing March 20 at the 92nd Street Y in “A Conversation with David Cross moderated by Michael Cera.”