One Hostage in Common

By Bill Maher

As the Christian Science Monitor points out, there is one small slice of sequester cutting that hurts Republicans and Democrats: Medicare.

The last $11 billion in cuts will come from "a 2% reduction in payments to Medicare providers." This will make it harder for old people -- who tend to vote Republican -- to find a doctor. But at least they'll still have the F-22 ($420 million per plane, never a shot fired in anger) and its replacement, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (the most expensive weapon ever built). 

So, yes, you'll be setting that broken hip yourself, at home, while biting on a stick. But we'll all be safe if anyone ever builds a plane better than the F-15, which no one has. But they could. Fuck you, aliens from Independence Day and the Soviet Union if it didn't collapse in 1989.

The Medicare reimbursement cut is a nice trap Obama made for himself. He can't complain about it, because it's an area where Democrats say they want to find "savings" anyway. "We're not cutting your medical benefits, we're just cutting what we're willing to pay the people who treat you.” 

Oh, well that's okay then.