Uh Oh, Part 143

By Bill Maher

You've heard the common retort from the global warming deniers that the climate has always changed over the earth's history, and we don't really know what's causing it, so we shouldn't start, blah, blah, Solyndra, etc.?

That's such the Republican line that we even heard Marco Rubio recite it last month:

"First of all, the climate is always changing. That's not the fundamental question."

...And that's not what you're being asked, so shut up.

"The fundamental question is whether man-made activity is what's contributing most to it. I understand that people say there is a significant scientific consensus on that issue, but I've actually seen reasonable debate on that principle."

...Where, on a Free Republic message board?

Really, Republicans, this is your new savior?

Well, a bunch of scientists recently pieced together the temperature record dating back 11,000 years using fossil samples and basically found that we're in deep shit, and that the earth is on track to being the hottest it's ever been in the history of human civilization.

Which, I know, sounds bad, but look on the bright side: I'm kidding; there is no bright side.

Here's the temperature record in graphic form, courtesy of the LA Times:

Someone tell Marco Rubio.