Obamacare: Get Over It

By Bill Maher

The House passed Paul Ryan's Hopelessly Unpopular Republican Budget 3.0 last week. One of his main proposals is repealing Obamacare. Actually, he keeps some of its savings, just eliminates the benefits.

Hello? We just had an election, and you lost by 126 electoral votes.

Why does the Republican Party keep going back to Paul Ryan to write its budgets? Economists don't take him seriously and voters don't like him, so what mystery demographic is he appealing to? And don't forget: he got whipped in a debate by Joe Biden, who, according to Republicans, is the biggest buffoon who ever lived.

So can we stop calling this guy "serious?"

Obamacare actually lowers the deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office, in the short term by a little and in the long term by a lot. Repealing it doesn't cut deficits; it cuts government. One of the Republicans' main problems in the past few years is that they always get those two things confused.

It's time to move on. This issue is settled. If Ryan wanted to repeal Obamacare, he had to win. Millions of people are going to get health coverage now, and it will become affordable to millions more. I know this must be very hard to stomach for an Ayn Rand fan, but deal with it.

Obamacare is a good start in cutting the growth in health care costs, but it's insufficient. If Republicans really want to be the cost-cutting people, they should stop talking about repealing Obamacare and start talking about building on the cost containment measures already in there.