Food Racism

By Bill Maher

I've been looking into what it's like to be poor in this country, and so far all my research indicates that it's not much fun. Poor people have less access to good schools, to safe streets, to quality medical care, to clothing made from natural fibers that breathe...the list goes on and on.

There's one area where the poor and the wealthy in this country were on more equal footing: food. Of course the rich had more food, and fancier food, and they had giant cakes with showgirls hidden inside them, but from a nutritional standpoint the poor and the rich weren't that far apart. Everybody got their cows and their chickens from the same farms.     

But then came the rise of factory farming, and chemical agriculture, and making oils out of stuff that doesn't actually contain oil, and injecting meat with chemicals to keep it red past the sell-by date, and whatever else is going on in the back room of the neighborhood Save-A-Shitload.

For a few decades, this was seen as "progress," and even rich people bought this crap. But slowly an entire alternative agricultural system began to spring up that catered exclusively to rich people. Organic produce, grass-feed beef, artisan cheeses, unpasteurized milk, farmer's markets, restaurants that tell you where the chicken came from and how many acres it had to run around in...

Meanwhile food for the plebes keeps getting shittier and shittier.

Chef Tom Colicchio will be on the show tonight and I'll be talking to him about food inequality and what we can do to end hunger in America. Check out Tom's film, 'A Place at the Table' and visit the website to get involved.