The Rodman Doctrine

By Bill Maher

Dennis Rodman makes a lot of sense!

Okay, I don’t mean that literally. Literally, he emits a nearly unintelligible stream-of-consciousness mush, impaired by multiple mouth piercings and punctuated with an endless supply of “guess whats” and “whatevers.” But guess what? His basic premise – that Kim Jong Un is a product of his system and perhaps young and flexible enough to change – isn’t stupid.

It was amazing to watch Rodman try to explain, repeatedly, to George Stephanopoulos that Kim Jong Un is a “28 year-old kid” who wants President Obama to call him. Stephanopoulos can't hear that point. When it comes to Li'l'er Kim, George needs to ask the rote questions about “his” prison camps and “his” human rights record.  

Kim is 28 has been in office for one year. He owns those prison camps to a much lesser extent than Obama owns Guantanamo Bay. And though it's correct dogma to make the leader accountable for his country, we are essentially angry at Kim Jong Un for not having a world-changing epiphany that his country and his father and his grandfather and his government and their way of life is Evil and Wrong. Have that realization first, kid, and then we can talk. Otherwise, we can wait a decade or two while you and your isolated tin pot nation harden further and further against the world. It’s a strategy that has worked so well for us, after all, not just in North Korea, but in Iran and Cuba as well.

Obama should follow the Rodman doctrine and give the kid a call.