Establishment Flaws

By Bill Maher

Remember last October, when the unemployment rate dropped below 8% and Jack Welch accused "the Chicago guys" of cooking the books before the election?

"Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers"

He was all over TV suggesting this massive conspiracy, and got enough support that we even started calling those people "jobbers." Well, the revisions for last October are in, and there were actually 23,000 more jobs created than initially reported. In November, 86,000 more jobs were created than reported. Jack Welch is even more of a lunatic than anyone thought.

The New York Times had a story last weekend about how Karl Rove and the American Crossroads group is getting together again -- you know, because they were so successful last time -- to make sure Tea Party crazies like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock don't make it to a general election. But what about "establishment" Republicans like Jack Welch? Aren't they just as crazy?

Look at the billionaire Steve Schwarzman, who once compared Obama to Hitler for trying to raise taxes on private equity. That seems like fairly typical talk coming from today's Wall Street guys. I don't remember them being that way with previous presidents. Or look at Mitt Romney, who was reportedly genuinely shocked on election night. How? All the math guys predicted he was going to lose badly, and they were right. A lot of smart people thought it might be close, but Romney thought it was in the bag? What was he smoking?

Or look at Donald Trump. He's always been an airhead, blowhard, trust fund monkey baby, but he used to be able to string together two sentences without saying something clinically insane. Now people only pay attention to him for the same reason they do Lindsay Lohan -- to watch the train wreck. 

The Republican Party has long been an uneasy alliance between Jesus freaks and establishment plutocrats who were supposed to be more "serious." What happened? Are the Tea Party people making the establishment types crazier, too? 

The problem for Republicans isn't that a couple of rubes in the last election said some stupid things about rape. The problem is that the financial dogmatists have become just as delusional as the religious dogmatists.