Gunning for the Midterms

By Bill Maher

A Gallup poll taken earlier this month found that regular churchgoers are more likely to own guns than people who spent their Sundays home in bed. It's a small but real gap: 32% to 29%. I assume the poll was commissioned by robbers, who wanted to know the best time to break into homes and not get shot. Turns out it's Sunday morning.

Here's another interesting figure from the same poll: Men are three times more likely than women to own guns: 45% of men say they own one; only 15% of women. I think this explains why Obama and the Democrats are keeping gun control alive as an issue, even when they know they'll never pass any meaningful regulations. It's about turnout in the midterms. If women see a real difference between the parties on this whole "killing children is bad" thing, it could help the Democrats a lot in 2014.

It's like abortion. Republican candidates are in a bind. They have to take ludicrous fanatical absolutist positions to make their base happy, and those positions turn off moderates and women. Between now and November 2014, expect the liberal media elite to ask a lot of Republican candidates a lot of questions about guns, and how many kids have to die. Because the only acceptable answer is, to the NRA, "Nuts could kill every school-age child in the continental United States, and I still wouldn't regulate guns because freedom."

In 2008, Democrats won women voters, 56% to 43%. In the 2010 midterms, they won them again, but only 49% to 48%. Since Republicans already get all the white men and old folks, it was a landslide, as you recall.

If you're a Democrat, you don't want that to happen again. And guns could be a perfect wedge.