Semantic Interlude

By Bill Maher

We don't provide answers anymore -- we provide semantic cover. Our political discourse and even our political progress have become completely Frank Luntz-ed. We don't reform; we rephrase:

"You can't give illegal aliens amnesty!"

"Well, we're not. We're giving them 'a pathway to citizenship.'"

"But you can't. They're illegal. And they're aliens."

"No, no, no, they're 'undocumented workers.'"

"So you're not giving amnesty to illegal aliens?"

"No, we're providing a pathway to citizenship to undocumented workers."

"Oh, that's different. Go ahead then."

We did the same thing when the government said (through Obamacare) that, if you're an enterprise that provides healthcare in this country, you must include contraceptive care for women. And then some religiously based businesses said, "But we don't believe in contraception. We object on moral grounds." But instead of saying "Tough titties," the Obama administration said, "Well, then you won't be providing the contraception. Uhhhh, it'll be the insurance company! That's it, the insurance company, you know, as a 'third party.'"

"Oh, that’s different. Go ahead then."