Rich People Problems

By Bill Maher

Rich New Yorkers need to chill. They’re worried that electing a Democratic Mayor – Bill De Blasio – will turn everyday life in New York City back into “The Taking Of Pelham 123.” A Democrat in Gracie Mansion will bring back graffitied subways, Central Park “wilding,” and black people shopping at Barney’s.

America could take a lesson from New York City. It was on the brink of collapse in the 70’s when President Ford told it to drop dead, but it didn’t. It came back to life, cleaned itself up, survived a massive terror attack, and is literally a thriving metropolis. It even has its own thousand-agent strong CIA.

Legend has it that Sheriff Giuliani rode into town and cleaned up New York City. Not true. New York’s crime rate started dropping during Democratic Mayor David Dinkins’ administration. But really, Democratic Mayor Ed Koch saved New York City. Koch created a housing program that, over a ten-year period, provided more than 180,000 units of affordable housing financed by city funds in the amount of $5.1 billion.

It was Koch who rebuilt the ashes of the South Bronx. He restored New Yorkers' pride, which you can’t put a price tag on. He also didn’t care if you wanted to smoke a cigarette or a drink a soda. New York’s one-percenters worried that a Democrat will make New York City less safe must also remember that Republican Mayor Giuliani chose to house the Office of Emergency Management’s command center at 7 World Trade Center.