The New South

By Bill Maher

While the election in Virginia was close, Terry McAuliffe managed to eke out a victory over Ken Cuccinelli. The old joke in this race was that both parties nominated the only guy the other party could beat. Both were highly unpopular among voters. But the interesting thing is, according to pre-election polling, McAuliffe was destroying Cuccinelli among people who disliked both candidates. Why? Because McAuliffe ran pretty unabashedly as a social liberal, while Cuccinelli is an extreme social conservative who women hate because of his “traditional” views on contraception, abortion, and gay rights.

You can still win in the Old South being that kind of asshole, but you’re never going to win in the New South – Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, with even Georgia moving in that direction, too. What must be really scary for the Right is that, after Texas, these are the biggest Southern states.

Another recent poll shows that more Republicans (43%) think students should be able to wear a confederate flag to school than a gay pride flag (28%). This is the sort of thing that always looked bad in the North, but it’s also starting to look bad in the only places in the South anyone wants to move to. Isn’t the jig up for the GOP when the civil war isn’t between North and South, but Old South and New South?

This also ties in with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act managing to get a tiny minority of Republican votes. Really? In 2013?

Another interesting thing is this race: McAuliffe has an “F” rating from the NRA and touted his support for background checks and an assault weapons ban. The NRA threw money at him. I’m sure it won’t get much coverage because it disrupts the media’s “NRA is all-powerful” storyline, but it does show that the NRA can be beaten.