Citizens United Is Killing the GOP

By Bill Maher

Matt Kibbe was on CSPAN a couple of weeks ago, saying that the GOP might split in two -- something that could be possible because, as he put it, "grassroots candidates have an ability to self-organize, to fund candidates they're more interested in, going right around the Republican National Committee."

This seems pretty evident by now, although by "grassroots" he really means "funded by the Koch brothers." Because now that Citizens United has taken the brakes off, the Koch brothers and other likeminded zillionaires can spend as much as they want to get their nutty candidates elected, never mind what the moderates in the RNC want.

If you're vaguely presentable and know how to attach a clip-on tie, you can tap into that gravy train and ride it into Congress. And until that spigot is turned off, there's nothing to stop the crazies from getting elected and pulling stunts like the government shutdown again and again.