The Notorious B.A.G.

By Bill Maher

Despite all his victories, Eric Holder can’t win. Republicans hate him, Democrats are suspicious of him, and his lack of warmth and a clear public persona means the media largely ignores him.

But that man is getting shit done. He is kicking ass and collecting bills. He is the Notorious B.A.G. (Black Attorney General).

Just this month, Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay the government $2.2 billion for fraudulent drug marketing practices. Also this month, hedge fund SAC Capital gave in to federal prosecutors, pled guilty on every single count of an insider trading indictment and agreed to cough up $1.8 billion. And, last week, JP Morgan Chase finally agreed to pay $13 billion for their role in the 2008 meltdown while still not wriggling free of criminal charges.

Chasing down the white-collar criminals everyone says they want brought to justice? Making them pay tens of billions of dollars back to the people? That’s gotta be worth just a little love, right?