The New Wimps

By Bill Maher

The Tea Party Leadership Fund PAC may be the first group to lead a campaign to weed out the “RINOs,” but they won’t be the last. In their new “Primaries for Traitors” effort, the TPLF is raising money to remove 87 Republican House members from office, “Starting with House Speaker John Boehner.” Let’s be fair – John Boehner is not a RINO. A wino, certainly, but not a RINO.

What’s missing from this equation is pushback. Republicans have been worse than moderate Muslims in standing up to their radicals, even the ones who are actively calling them names. They smile and mutter about “big tents” and “diversity of viewpoints” and secretly shit themselves over being primaried, and very few have stood up and said, “Really? A ‘traitor?’ That crap is out of bounds, you nutjobs.”

On the list of traitors are Boehner, Eric Cantor, Darrell Issa, and plenty of other powerful guys who could stand up for themselves but don’t. Democrats used to be the ones who were called spineless wimps, but these Republicans get beaten up and primaried and called weak-willed traitors by their own party… and choose not to hit back. Which kind of proves the Tea Party’s point, I guess.