Tear the Roof Off the Sucker

By Bill Maher

"Voting for the Treasury to pay America's bills is not a concession to me.  That's not doing me a favor." -- President Obama

The Debt Ceiling used to be an entirely symbolic way for the congress-people from Party A to shit on the President from Party B. It was understood that you and your team voted against raising it, and got to call the President names while you did. Next order of business.

That obviously doesn't work anymore. It’s like if you gave people permission to burn the king in effigy, and they read it as permission to set the actual regent aflame. It might feel good, but try getting the smell of burning flesh out of drapes.

The Democrats and Republicans should get together (I know, hardy-fuckin'-har) and agree to get rid of it in 2016. They should do it now, before we know who the President is going to be, or even the nominees. So both sides would be rolling the dice, and giving up the same thing. They don't get to close down the economy because Hillary lacks warmth, and we don't get to send a message to Chris Christie that he needs to tighten his belt, or bulkheads, or O-rings, or whatever holds him together.

And who knows, if the two sides agreed on one vote on one issue, they might like it. It might get to be a thing.