White RINOs

By Bill Maher

Throughout the debt ceiling and shutdown crises, "RINOs" -- Republicans in Name Only -- have been tagged and targeted for primarying in the upcoming elections. Those who refused to let the economy fail and placed country before purist party ideology are being labeled as not sufficiently Republican. Basically, "If you won't behave like an ill-informed, intransigent shit-kicker, we'll find someone who will." But since when is being a Republican synonymous with a complete refusal to behave responsibly and compromise for the common good?

Traditional Republicans are lawmakers who work within the system to best achieve policies of limited government, lower taxes, gun rights, abortion opposition and unlimited military spending. They take their wins with their losses, compromise when necessary and uphold the laws of the land. They don't sabotage the process or hold the economy hostage until they get 100 percent of what they want. But these Tea Party anarchists are something else altogether. Perhaps they are the RINOs.

It's funny that the right's sole argument against gay marriage is that it breaks from their perception of marriage, as it's been traditionally defined. It's not marriage, they insist, if it's something different from what's traditionally been considered marriage. Shouldn't the same hold true for what constitutes being a Republican?

Newsflash, Tea Party: You're the RINOs. You're the break from traditional Republicanism. And just like you say gays should have their own separate civil unions but they shouldn't call it marriage, maybe you should have your own separate party but you shouldn't call it Republican. The traditional Republican Party is the host organism. You're the RINO parasite that's latched on and weakened it.