Teen People

By Bill Maher

This summer, Ashton Kutcher won a Teen Choice Award and touched on a few different topics in his speech -- including "being sexy" -- but he said a few words about the value of hard work, and conservatives can't stop talking about it. Sarah Palin Facebooked on it, Rush Limbaugh bloviated about it, Ted Cruz mentioned it during his filibuster.

Ashton said, "I've never had a job in my life that I was better than," and "opportunities look a lot like work," and conservatives pounced: "Look, he's one of us! Because if there's one thing liberals hate, it's work."

Of course, no liberal disagrees with hard work being a good thing. What we hate are the two old conservative canards:

  1. That all hard work pays off equally -- obviously, it doesn’t. A garbage man works just as hard as a hedge fund manager.
  2. There’s no such thing as aptitude. Ashton Kutcher is a great American success story, but he got some breaks because he was a model. It helps to look like Asthon Kutcher.

These canards about work and aptitude are at the heart of their heartless cutting of food stamps. A lot of people on food stamps do work, or are trying desperately to get work and can't.

Perhaps there's another interesting question here: why are so many old Republicans watching the Teen Choice Awards?