Getting Owned

By Bill Maher

Everyone's up in arms over the Fourth Amendment and the NSA reading the sexy texts you've been sending to Paula Deen, but what about the Fifth Amendment? You know, the one that says nobody can take away your property without due process? That one seems to have gone down the tubes, too, but nobody really cares.

Every day it seems like there's another story of someone losing their home because of a clerical error, or because their mortgage has been sold to a third party they weren't even aware of, or some other crazy financial shenanigans. 

So many big banks (BofA, Citibank, HSBC, Wells Fargo, etc.) were caught screwing homeowners over that they had to pay a massive fine and agree to stop. So now they've turned over mortgage servicing to "non-bank" companies, who aren't a party to the settlement and don't have to follow its rules.

One of the things they like to do is not tell you when a new company is servicing your mortgage, so you keep sending money to the old company, and then one day they call you up and tell you that you owe a zillion dollars in "fees." Or they just foreclose on you.