Guest List: September 21, 2012

The Interview:

Documentarian Eugene Jarecki will join Bill in-studio at the top of the show. His latest film, 'The House I Live In,' explores America's War on Drugs and the criminal justice system. It opens in theatres on October 5th.

Twitter: @DrugWarMovie

The Panel:

Rana Foroohar is the Assistant Managing Editor and Economic Columnist at TIME Magazine. In her recent Curious Capitalist column for TIME magazine, Foroohar addressed why the stock market is booming while the rest of the economy is underperforming.

Twitter: @RanaForoohar

Roger Hedgecock is a nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host and former Mayor of San Diego. He has been critical of President Obama's foreign policy, asserting that "A prairie fire is indeed burning through the Muslim world, led by Islamic radicals, encouraged by the American left and deadly to Americans in its path."

Twitter: @RogerHedgecock

Chris Matthews  is the host of MSNBC's 'Hardball' and author of Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero. He made headlines recently for his on-air battle with Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus, which Bill Maher weighed in on with his "Birther Control" blog post.

Twitter: @hardball_chris

Literary icon Salman Rushdie, whose latest book is Joseph Anton: A Memoir, will join the panel mid-show. The New York Times recently profiled the book and included a brief Q&A with Mr. Rushdie.

Twitter: @SalmanRushdie