Guest List: September 14, 2012

The Interview:

Musician John Legend will be in studio for our top-of-show interview. He is about to start touring in advance of his new album "Love In The Future," with his first stop in Clearwater, FL.

Twitter: @johnlegend

The Panel:

John Feehery is a former GOP Aide to House Speaker Dennis Hastert and columnist for The Hill. In a recent blog post, Feehery laments the unstoppable expansion of the “security state” and criticizes President Obama for his support of it.

Twitter: @JohnFeehery

Chris Hayes is the host of MSNBC's "UP with Chris Hayes" and author of Twilight of the Elites. This summer, an article adapted from his book called “Why Elites Fail” was published in The Nation.

Twitter: @chrislhayes

Zanny Minton-Beddoes is the Economics Editor for The Economist. She recently edited two editorials on America's economy: "Points of Light" and "Comeback Kid."

Bob Costas
will join the panel mid-show. He is a sportscaster for NBC Sports and the MLB Network and was recently tasked with interviewing convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky.