Guest List: August 31, 2012

The Interview:

Our top-of-show interview will be with Dinesh D'Souza, writer and director of the new film "2016: Obama's America."

Twitter: @DineshDSouza

The Panel:

Jason Alexander is a comedian, actor and…music video star? He appears as a twitterpated barista in Nickelback’s new video for "Trying Not to Love You." He will be hosting "The Big Picture: Paramount's 100th Anniversary" celebrating the studio's rich history at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, September 2.

Twitter: @IJasonAlexander

Ron Christie
is the former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush and author of Blackwards: How Black Leadership is Returning America to the Days of Separate but Equal.

Twitter: @Ron_Christie

Soledad O'Brien
hosts CNN's "Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien" and co-founded The Soledad O'Brien and Brad Raymond Foundation, which helps young girls get into and stay in college. She spoke last week with RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer about the language of the GOP’s abortion stance. Check it out here.

Twitter: @Soledad_OBrien

Author Walter Kirn joins the panel mid-show. He recently penned a must-read article for The New Republic called "Confessions of an Ex-Mormon: A personal history of America’s most misunderstood religion."

Twitter: @walterkirn