Guest List

By Miles Leicher

The Interview:

Documentary filmmaker Peter Byck joins us in studio. His latest film is Carbon Nation, an “optimistic, solutions-based, non-preachy, non-partisan, big tent film that shows tackling climate change boosts the economy, increases national & energy security and promotes health and a clean environment.”

The Panel:

Alex Wagner is the host of MSNBC's "Now with Alex Wagner." Earlier this week she discussed the Romney-Ryan campaign’s struggle to attract female voters. You can watch the video here.  

Reihan Salam is a CNN contributor and Columnist for The Daily. He also blogs on domestic policy for National Review Online, and recently wrote a post in defense of Paul Ryan’s opposition to the Bowles-Simpson deficit proposal.

Mark Cuban is a media mogul and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. In his latest Blog Maverick post, Cuban sounds off on the transition of intelligence from the brick-and-mortar world into the digital world.

This week’s mid-show guest is Chelsea Handler, host of E!’s “Chelsea Lately.” She recently told Marie Claire, that she plans to talk “more about politics and human-interest stories, like when somebody shoots somebody else at a drive-through over Chicken McNuggets – stupid stuff like that.” Well, she’s come to the right place.