The C-Word

By Bill Maher

Not that c-word. Cancer. A new study finds that the incidence of worldwide cancer is expected to rise 75% by the year 2030, with the poorest countries seeing a cancer increase as high as 93%. This dramatic rise in world cancer rates is attributed to diet, infections and the stress of constantly worrying about an Obama drone strike.

An interesting side note out of the study is that, as countries become more developed, they don't see a reduction in cancer so much as a shift in the types of cancer they get. Different parts of the world get different kinds of cancers. The poor, underdeveloped nations, such as those in sub-Saharan Africa, tend to get cancers related to infections, such as cervical cancer, as well as cancers of the liver and the stomach. More developed countries, like Brazil, Russia and Australia, get lung cancer from smoking. And highly developed countries such as ours get colon, breast and prostate cancers, the types associated with obesity and fatty, high-meat, high-dairy diets.

We're a nation obsessed with breasts and asses, and that's exactly where we're giving ourselves cancer. The high fat content of meat and milk and ice cream and butter and all the other "wholesome foods" we grew up looking at on the USDA food pyramid increase hormone production, thus increasing the risk of the hormone-related cancers: breast, colorectal and prostate. 

The World Health Organization has determined that people who avoid meat are much less likely to develop cancer. Studies in England and Germany showed vegetarians were 40% less likely to develop cancer than meat eaters. And Harvard studies have determined that "daily meat eaters have approximately three times the colon cancer risk, compared to those who rarely eat meat."

Since the science here is clear, shouldn't our government be taxing the carcinogens and subsidizing the healthy foods?