Guest List: June 8, 2012

Tonight’s top-of-show interview will be with lawyer Susan Burke. She is featured in the documentary “The Invisible War,” which won the Audience Award at Sundance this year and premieres in select cities June 22nd.

The Panel

John Waters is a Filmmaker and author of Role Models. Waters recently completed a cross-country hitchhiking trip – just in time to accept an award on behalf of Johnny Depp at the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s annual Fashion Awards.

E.J. Dionne is the author of Our Divided Political Heart and a columnist for The Washington Post. His latest article examines the failed recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and sees a lesson that both parties could stand to learn.

Michael Brendan Dougherty is the Politics Editor of Business Insider and Contributing Editor of American Conservative. He recently tweeted, “Technically my beard was invited to be on REAL TIME, I'll be attached to it during the show. It might say something to John Waters' stache,” so be on the lookout for that.

Joining Bill mid-show is Dambisa Moyo, author of Winner Take All: China's Race for Resources and What it Means for the World. An excerpt from her book was featured this week in The Atlantic.