Family Guise

By Bill Maher

A rich Republican started a pro-gay marriage Super PAC. Guess why.

Earlier this month, The New York Times had a fawning profile of Paul Singer, a 67-year-old conservative billionaire who has spent $10 million on gay rights and gay marriage initiatives. He's also a big Romney supporter. So I'm reading this and I'm wondering, "why is this guy for gay marriage?"

The article doesn't give me a clue until the ninth paragraph, when we find out that he's got a gay son. Yes, once again we have a conservative who has become enlightened because of a family member. Well, good for him. Yet at the same time he's raising a ton of money for a candidate who supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. So I guess the message this guy is sending to his gay son is, "I love you, but not as much as I'd love a reduction in the capital gains tax."