Guest List: June 15, 2012

By Miles Leicher

Tonight’s top-of-show interview will be with author and Nobel Laureate in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz. His new book is The Price of Inequality. Stiglitz recently did a Q&A with The Oregonian, in which he said, “We've moved more to a politics democracy, which is characterized closer to ‘one dollar, one vote’ than ‘one body, one vote.’”

The Panel:

Karen Finney is a Democratic Strategist, MSNBC Political Analyst, and columnist for The Hill. In her latest post, she wrote that Democrats must recognize the ability of Republicans to rally behind their leader, raise untold amounts of Super PAC money and exploit their opponent’s every mistake.

David Frum is a Contributing Editor and columnist for Newsweek / The Daily Beast and author of Patriots [BOOKSHELF]. This week he wrote that Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion may prove to be more of an asset than a liability come Election Day.

Kristen Soltis is a Republican pollster and Vice President of The Winston Group. She contributed a chapter to Margin of Victory and just tweeted, “Oh no. My dad just signed up for HBO to watch me on Maher tomorrow, and he's watching old episodes on demand. This won't be good.”

Joining the panel mid-show will be actor and “America’s Dad,” Alan Thicke. He appears in Adam Sandler's new movie "That's My Boy" and writes a blog for The Huffington Post.

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