'Real Time' Guest List: May 11, 2012

By Miles Leicher

For this week's show:

At the top-of-show will be
Richard Clarke, former White House Advisor and author of Cyber War. He was recently interviewed in The Washington Post about working in the private vs. the public sector.

On the Panel:

Margaret Hoover
is a CNN Political Contributor and author of American Individualism. Her latest article is on the GOP’s growing support of sex marriage.

David Cay Johnston
is a Reuters Columnist, author of Free Lunch, and Professor at Syracuse University College of Law. He recently wrote that, contrary to popular belief, Social Security “is not going broke.”

Grover Norquist
is the founder of Americans For Tax Reform and co-author of Debacle.

Mid-show will be actress and activist Eva Longoria, one of the stars of ABC's 'Desperate Housewives' and a 2012 Obama Campaign Co-Chair. She recently appeared in a video, in which she shared why she supports President Obama’s reelection campaign.