Guest List: October 5, 2012

The Interview:

Frank Luntz is a pollster, communications specialist and author of Win: The Key Principles to Take Your Business From Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Twitter: @FrankLuntz

The Panel:

Kerry Washington is the star of ABC's 'Scandal' You can watch her speech from the 2012 Democratic National Convention here.

Twitter: @kerrywashington

Will Cain is a contributor to CNN's 'Starting Point' and co-host of The Blaze's 'Real News.' His latest post is titled "The First Amendment Doesn’t Care If Muslims Are Offended."

Twitter: @willcain

Mark Foley is a former Republican Congressman from Florida.

Bill McKibben is an environmentalist and the President and Co-Founder of He recently recounted the efforts of activists protesting the Keystone Pipeline on The Huffington Post.

Twitter: @billmckibben