Guest List: October 19, 2012

The Interview:

Gary Hirshberg is the Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, founder of the "Just Label It" campaign, and author of Label It Now: What You Need to Know About Genetically Engineered Foods. Last month, profiled Hirshberg’s support of California Proposition 37. The ballot initiative would require the labeling of genetically engineered food and counts Bill Maher among its supporters.

Twitter: @Gary_Hirshberg

The Panel:

Boris Epshteyn is a former McCain/Palin aide and a columnist for US News & World Report. Even on the heels of Mitt Romney's infamous 47% comments, Epshteyn correctly predicted that there was Romney comeback in the making.

Twitter: @BorisEP

John Fund is a conservative commentator and the author of Who's Counting? He recently told Newsmax that Obama’s strong performance in Tuesday’s presidential debate won’t affect the "basic momentum" of Romney’s surging popularity.

Goldie Taylor is the Managing Editor of the Goldie Taylor Project and a regular contributor to MSNBC. She appeared on the network this week to discuss Romney’s "binder full of women" comment from the debate.

Twitter: @goldietaylor

Bill's mid-show interview will be with Matt Taibbi. He is a Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone and author of Griftopia. Last week he picked apart the vice presidential debate in his Taibblog.

Twitter: @mtaibbi

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