Back and Blue

By Miles Leicher

Happy 2012 and welcome back to the Real Time Blog!

It’s time to dust off the ol’ remote because Bill Maher, having recently emerged from the Hollywood conclave that named Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s new baby, will return to HBO with a new episode of Real Time this Friday at 10pm! What could be better than that, you ask? The name they settled on: Blue Ivy. I’m kidding, of course; nothing is better than Real Time. Besides, that’s a ridiculous name.

I’ll be back here as well, keeping you up to date with all the goings-on around the show. We’re talking pictures, interviews, fake interviews, Downtime, news items of interest, sneak peeks, things overheard, blurry cell phone images from the Congressional gym* and, of course, favorite recipes from the Real Time kitchen (if you haven’t had a cold bagel smeared with peanut butter, then boy you haven’t lived).

Now look, we’ve been off the air for a while. I know a lot can change in two months. We’ve become older and wiser, with hair in new and surprising places (I found one in my potato salad the other day). But that doesn’t change the fact that we continue to share a passion for comedy, politics, and behind-the-scenes photos from television shows. So let’s rekindle that love here and now as we prepare for an exciting, election-year season of Real Time!



*when available