The Give-A-$#*%-Ometer®

By Miles Leicher

It’s official: hiatus is over and the ‘Real Time’ staff has returned to work! Well, except for our production assistant, Anayat. Speaking of which, we may have what wildlife experts would call a “bear problem.” RIP, buddy.

Anyway, one of the nice things about being away from the office was that it provided a rare opportunity to disengage and become completely oblivious to everything else that was happening in the world. It was like spending a month in Michele Bachmann’s shoes (which, by the way, are super comfy – nice goin’, Marcus!).

So when we got back yesterday, it was time to take stock of what, according to the media, people were actively giving a $#*% about. Here’s what we found:

(Sadly, Anayat didn't make the cut)

What ranks highest on your “Give A $#*%-Ometer?”