Naiveté Scene

By Miles Leicher

It’s the first week of our summer hiatus and I’m not sure what I’m more upset about: that there’s no new episode of ‘Real Time’ tonight, or that I was completely overlooked for this deficit-reducing “Super Congress” everyone’s talking about. I mean, who better to make serious cuts than the guy who hung out with the “goth” kids in high school?

At least we left off on a high note, with last week’s episode being – in my opinion – one of the best this season. If you don’t believe me, ask your DVR. Bill’s interview with the former chair of Obama’s Council of Economic advisors, Christina Romer, was as interesting as it was foul-mouthed. And it shed some light on some of the impediments to progress we’re facing as a country. No, not “Angry Birds” (although, seriously, the little red ones are useless), but the real problem: dummies.

As Bill put it, “The stupid people who don’t know things…at least used to know they were stupid. But now they’ve been ‘Palin-ized.’” Indeed, there seems to be an increasing number of these people, taken from the wild (where they risk discovering the limits of their intelligence) and placed in a protective bubble of like-minded rubes. As you can imagine, it’s nice inside the bubble; any opinion they have, no matter how uninformed, instantly becomes fact. And the padded walls are a bonus. But unfortunately for them, the rest of us can see in.

As entertaining as it is to watch, though, at the end of the day we’re really just putting stupid on a pedestal. Such things were all fun and games back when we’d pluck some jackass out of a tanning booth, give them a nickname and put them on MTV. But now we’re running the same type of know-nothings for public office – and it isn’t funny anymore. Flava Flav thought the key to happiness was to bring a bunch of crazy girls into his house and let them fight over him. America tried the same thing with the Tea Party. Well, one of those girls took a crap on Flav’s staircase – and compared to America, he got off easy.