Brain Check

by Miles Leicher

As you are likely aware, last Friday was the premiere of a much-hyped fantasy film with a rabid cult following…but enough about Sarah Palin’s “The Undefeated.” A movie that a Harry Potter fan could accidentally walk into, watch for fifteen minutes, and then leave thinking, “Well that seemed farfetched.”

However, there is a common thread between the millions of “Potterheads” out there and anyone who would believe that Sarah Palin is anything other than an attention-seeking swindler. That is, they all indulge in a bit of magical thinking. Granted, one group is pretty harmless; the worst thing they do is wear ridiculous scarves and camp outside of a theater once a year. But when those other folks try to apply their school of thought to the real world – and they do – the results are devastating.  

So last Friday when Bill Maher asked, “Is there a connection between a country that thinks you can pray for rain and one that may be experiencing what they used to call “global warming?” I thought, “Yep.”

You see, the danger of applying magical thought to the real world is that, in the real world, help doesn’t always show up just in the nick of time. When Harry Potter is in trouble, he can conjure up an enchanted white stag that saves him from the direst of circumstances. And when the state of Texas experiences its worst drought in over a century, Governor Rick Perry throws his hands up and asks Jesus for salvation. And then waits. And waits. And…let me check…still waiting. But pushing for legislation that would reduce carbon emissions and lessen our impact on the climate? Nah, that shit’ll never work – let’s pray more! I just hope that, for Texas’ sake, Jesus doesn’t send help in the form of a white stag – because ol’ Rick will shoot that sucker dead.