Natalie Barbrie: Smoothie Operator

By Miles Leicher

There’s something about the summer that leads people to make bad decisions. You know, like thinking people won’t notice if you forgo the undershirt, telling people you’re “ready to unveil your beach body,” or running for President with a name like “Newt Gingrich.” It probably has something to do with the heat.

Even at ‘Real Time,’ we hatch our fair share of harebrained schemes, the latest of which was getting an office blender. The idea seemed innocent enough at first, but the last person to be this surprised at how loud and obnoxious something could be was John McCain.  

I recently caught up with executive assistant and mixmaster Natalie Barbrie in the ‘Real Time’ kitchen, where she dished out the scoop on her latest smoothie creation. The difference between it and Sarah Palin? Lipstick.

Recipe: The “Berry Obama”

Natalie: I start with a nonfat yogurt. Sometimes I use Greek yogurt, but sometimes I go regular.

I throw some strawberries in there, blubes [blueberries, from those of you not from Rhode Island], a banana; then throw some ice in that junk to make it thicker.

I don’t measure anything. I count to five while pouring in rice milk and three seconds for water.

Of course, the secret ingredient is love. And some “highly nutritionous” miracle seeds that keep you regular.

Then just blend it until people in the office start yelling at you.

The Reviews Are In:

“I’ll drink anything that Natalie puts in front of me. That will likely be my downfall.” –Scott Carter, Executive Producer

“I’ve never made a smoothie in my adult life.” – TJ Baldino, Production Manager

“You wanna know what’s in my smoothie? T-Bone steaks, ribeye steaks, milk and rocks.” –Nick Licare, Production Assistant

 If you take anything away from this blog post, it should be that we work on a television show because we’re not qualified to be in the food service industry.