Practice Makes Perfect Sense

by Miles Leicher

If you've ever wondered how we pack so much great comedy into an episode of Real Time, wonder no more: we rehearse it.  We also sacrifice kittens to the comedy gods, but that's just out of habit.

Every Thursday afternoon, we test out the jokes you LOL at on Fridays, as well as quite a few more.  Dozens of New Rules live and die at the behest of a small sample audience randomly plucked from the streets of Los Angeles.  I'm sure it's less "kidnappy" than I made it sound there, but not by much.

It's not just New Rules, either.  Bill offers up a whole smorgasbord of monologue jokes to the crowd, only a few of which typically eke it out to Friday night.  The rest are cut for time but still manage to get laughs in the form of a podcast called "2 Minutes Maher," available on iTunes!  Listen in to find out what Charlie Sheen, Muammar Gaddafi and John Galliano have in common (hint: it isn't Kosher).