An Author Is Recognized

by Miles Leicher

Maybe it's Valentine's Day talking, but I think it's safe to say that we're all a little more in love with Cornel West after Friday's show.  Whenever he speaks, you can't help but nod along with his mellifluous musings and just hope that he's not saying something terrible.  Don't worry – I checked the transcript – and it was all sane and reasonable.  Although he did get a standing ovation for suggesting we take Justin Bieber and feed him to bears.  But then again, who wouldn't?

I kid, of course. If anything, Brother West would offer to take Brother Bieber to see Disney's Brother Bear.  Now on DVD and Blu-ray!

After the show, I caught up with Hooman Majd in the green room.  The Iranian-American author and journalist, you recall, was last on Real Time in 2009 to discuss Iran's "Green Movement" and promote his movie, The Hooman Centipede.  Great flick.  Anyway, during his appearance, he wore his "giveh," which are Iranian traditional, hand-woven shoes, dyed green, in support of the movement.  They made quite the impression on Bill at the time, as he declared them a revolution in their own right.

After Friday's show, Bill expressed his disappointment that Hooman didn't wear them this time around.  As it turns out, he's not the only one who noticed: Hooman said that, after his last Real Time appearance, he was going through the TSA inspection at the airport (sans giveh), when the guard asked him, "Where are your green shoes?!"  And then, I’m sure, groped the heck out of him.

You'll have to take my word that it was funnier when Hooman told it.