A Sensible Republican, He Is

by Miles Leicher

If you're a fan of the Packers, the Steelers or 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' you probably had a very good weekend.  And if you aren't, you probably didn't deserve one anyway.

Seriously, though...what a show!  David Stockman showed us that Republicans can turn away from the dark side in a way that would make Yoda proud.  Who would've thought that an official from the Reagan administration would one day go on national television and say, "The number one source of gun violence in America is the fact that illegal drugs drive this massive culture of violence.  And if we want to deal with gun violence, then let's legalize illegal drugs."?  Preach on, brother!

Another great moment happened when Rachel Maddow, finding herself in the middle of a conservative sandwich, had to stand up just to make herself heard over the hoopla.  She later confessed to me that she was prepared to climb up on Bill's desk in order to get her point across.  While I'm more than a little bummed that it didn't come to that, I can appreciate the passion.