A Word of Introduction

by Miles Leicher

Birds are falling from the sky, fish are washing up dead and Snooki wrote a book: clearly the End Times are nigh.  Despite that, the Real Time writers, producers and staff are all returning from their brief hiatus, apparently unable to find a use for $1.5 million in stolen Bellagio chips.  Please, send ideas!

As you may have heard, Santa brought us 35 new episodes for our ninth season, which premieres January 14 on HBO!  Accompanying the new season will be this nifty blog, which will offer a glimpse behind the scenes of the show as well as a sneak peek at upcoming topics for our panel. Of course, there's really no way of knowing what will transpire on air, as the show is live and anything could happen.  It's almost as if it takes place in real time.  Imagine that.

I'm Miles Leicher and, in addition to the inside scoop, I'll dole out a few of my own ruminations on all things Real Time.  I've been with the show since 2008 and haven't been fired yet, which either means that there is a God, or that Bill Maher is right about everything.  It can't be both.

While you're patiently waiting for the 14th to roll around, check out Bill Maher's official Facebook page for details on the New Rules Contest, which could net you a trip for two to the show in Los Angeles.  You'll also gain access to witty Maherisms that you won't find anywhere else on the web...unless you also follow him on Twitter.  Then, take a nice, long bath.  You've got time and, hey, you deserve it.