Congress at Work

This is a terrible Congress, maybe the worst ever, but we should stop complaining that they’re not doing anything. They did do something recently, and it was an act of pure, proudly-ignorant, how-do-ya-like-me-now, anti-ecological spite. It’s called the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, and the House passed it by a vote of 253 to 170. 

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Saudi Arabia Is Lightening Up

Wahhabism is Saudi Arabia’s dominant faith. It’s also Arabic for “no fun,” so the kingdom has no movie theaters and music is frowned upon. But now younger Saudis have taken to YouTube to post funny videos satirizing their uptight culture. One video, a Bob Marley parody titled, “No Woman, No Drive,” has over 12 million views. And one of the king’s sons recently paid a visit to UTURN Entertainment, the company that made this and other videos, to give them his official approval. 

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One Percent Magazine

New research came out this week that shows America's richest 1 percent don't own 30 percent of the nations total wealth, as is popularly reported. They actually own between 35 and 37 percent of America's wealth. And if you don't think these “wealth gappers” are brazen, just take a look at some issues of the magazine published just for the richest of the rich. 

The Latest Zombie Lie

Perhaps you saw the headline, “ISIS Seizes Saddam-Era Chemical Weapons Facility.” It got the wingnuts super-excited because it “proves” their favorite zombie lie, that Saddam really did have WMD. Even the Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg, a liberal proponent of the Iraq war and a nominally intelligent person, tweeted“ISIS seizes Saddam's formerly nonexistent chemical weapons.” Get it?  Nonexistent?  Har har. 

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