Flip A District – Minnesota Town Hall (Web Exclusive)

Bill Maher hosts a live, non-televised Real Time panel discussion in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. The event took place on October 7, 2014, and focused on the voting record of Rep. John Kline. It featured panelists Matt Taibbi, Katie Kieffer, Mayor Betsy Hodges, Steve Sviggum, Ana Marie Cox and John Rouleau. Help Real Time #FlipADistrict at FlipADistrict.com!

October 3, 2014: Democrats Are Assholes Too

Republicans have a new ad to show that they’re just like regular folks. It says things like, “Republicans drive Priuses.” “Republicans have tattoos.” “Republicans read the New York Times.” “Republicans are women.” “Republicans are black.” “Republicans shop at Trader Joe’s.” “Republicans enjoy gourmet food.” And it ends with the line, “Republicans are people too.”  Well, not to be outdone, Democrats have made their own ad…